How to keep beautiful hair all time?
How to keep beautiful hair all time?

Summer is known to be the worst time for your mane. But winter is not clement either. Between the cold of the outside and the heat of the interiors, your hair takes a blow each day. Here are some “GlamForYou” tips to keep hair at the top, even under a bonnet.

The extreme cold that dries the hair, then the hot / cold phenomena with the overheated parts and then the friction with the caps and other scarves, the hair is also damaged in winter. To get to the spring with the least possible damage,

– Never remove wet hair
The water on the hair will tend to freeze or at least to cool very sharply. This will weaken the structure of the hair and promote frizz. Technically, this can even completely break some already weakened hair. If you have colored hair, this can take off the pigments of your color. So do not get wet or damp hair. Wash them in the evening or dry them properly with a hair dryer.

– Cut the tips regularly
The more we are covered, the more the hair rubs our clothes. And it’s even worse with our scarves, gloves, and so on. The tips tend to make forks more easily and the hair becomes weaker. To solve the problem, try to choose the softest and smoothest clothes and accessories possible. The less roughness there is, the less the hair will be attacked. Then cut the tips regularly to maintain them. Once every two months is a good frequency.

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